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After 34 years, quality has never been an issue

Introducing Printing Plus, Inc.

  • 34 years of support for clients; providing the industry’s highest quality products
  • We supply schools, businesses and over 30 national and regional organizations
  • Complete internet access and toll free support 1.888.359-9635
  • Knowledgeable sales assistance
  • Customized programs for all kinds of applications for certificates and cards
  • Products are run in-house and delivered on time, guaranteed.

Customer Service – “Our lights don’t go out until our work is done”.

Points to Consider

  • No upfront costs, ever.
  • Price Control/Cost. For the same as you are paying now, or perhaps less, Printing Plus will provide your members with the highest-quality product along with excellent customer service. Prices have remained the same for over 15 years for many of our customers.
  • Risk free. We guarantee our performance in our contract. No other vendor does this.
  • Award-winning products. National award-winning certificate design and workmanship.
  • Turnaround. Our turnaround averages two weeks or less, which is the fastest in the trade.
  •  Lowest error ratio in the industry. To help assure the lowest possible error ratio, we accept electronic submission in any format. 
  • Order confirmation. Every order receives an email confirmation with detailed shipping dates and invoices match the confirmation.
  • Toll-free number. Members can call us toll free if there is ever an issue with an order. We will address the problem and find a resolution.
  • Response time. When you call or email Printing Plus, we handle your request or question immediately.
  • Special awards. We work with you and your budget on special awards and produce them at a discount as a way to say “thank you” for working with us. No other vendor performs this service.
  • Charters. Our award-winning calligrapher creates charters that stand out like a work of art. We can actually now produce full color charters one at a time for a very reasonable price.
  • Security. Printing Plus has been in business for over thirty years and will continue to be here for many, many years to serve your needs.


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